Aluminium Ingot:

We can offer following grades :
Spec : 95% min , 96% min , 97% min , 98% min, 99% min(or as per customer’s requirement)
Weight: 5 kgs, 10 kgs , 20 kgs (or as per customer’s requirement)

We use primary aluminium (remelt ingot or liquid metal) and scrap to produce ingot for wrought aluminium production. We use a mix of scrap types in order to produce ingot for wrought metal at lowest possible cost.

Our procedures are constantly being created and are dependent upon careful examination and broad quality control checks: from the minute we get the crude material, during the whole handling stage and up to the hour of conveyance. These means imply that we can ensure uniform high caliber and security of stock of aluminum amalgams.

All aluminum compounds ought to be adjusted dependent on the prerequisites of every client on the properties of the items. As a client, you can generally be sure you will get the correct compound at the perfect time, so that thusly you can convey top notch parts to your clients.
Our aluminum combinations are mostly utilized in the car, hardware, designing and furniture enterprises. We produce two or three hundred distinctive combinations with changing properties as far as the conductivity, heat conductivity, protection from consumption, quality, polishability, breaking quality, yield limit, machinability, weldability and a whole lot more.
It is available in the market at affordable price range. We check these remittance of these ingots so any damage product can be removed. Our Offered Aluminium Ingot is appreciated for its quality by our globel clients.

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Seamless finish
  • High tensile strength
  • Dimensional accuracy